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Kodak NexPress Digital Production Color Press


  • Delivers offset-like image quality, excellent for all applications

  • Kodak NexPress fifth imaging unit with:

- Intelligent Color Solution utilizes a fifth color for a richer color gamut          and the ability to reproduce more spot colors

- Intelligent Coating Solution offers enhanced image protection

- Intelligent Glossing Solution with the NexGlosser glossing unit delivers      high gloss for a higher marketing impact 

- Intelligent Dimensional Coating Solution for a 3D effect you can feel

- Gold Solution offers metallic features and a result that sparkles

  • Pantone Licensed

  • Printing speed: 6000 letter/legal sheets per hour/ 120 pages per minute

  • Maximum sheet size: 14" x 39.3"

  • Maximum imageable area: 13.4" x 38.9"

  • Supports a wide range of substrate types, sizes, weights and thicknesses for application flexibility

  • Variable Data - personalized one-to-one marketing that differentiates you from the competition

  • Long sheet pile feeder - the ability to print sheets as big as 14" x 39.3", can produce 6 page letter/ A4 brochures, panoramic posters, dust jackets for larger books

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